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'WE' Group is a small and dedicated, independent video game developer aiming to release fun, innovative, and engaging games for the PC platform. We strive to immerse players into fantastic new worlds beyond current day game world standards. Backed by a solid gaming history and applied creative talent, our strengths lie in the creation of unique pattern-breaking concepts who's only purpose is to leave players spellbound for more. We have an experienced team who has worked together on different projects. We have own an advanced 2D and 3D game engines, easy to upgrade for new technology as well as modify for optimal performance and visual quality for different platforms.

Arcade games are dead? Get real. Aggressive! delivers all the arcade action you can stand, with 99 enemies and 10 big bosses. More Aggressive! is newer, bigger, and badder. 16 different levels and massive amounts of bad guys, bosses, and sub-bosses give the action shooter fan something to cheer about!

Did you ever play a breakout (arcade) game?Now,we added more new features in this classic super breakout style game,including fireballs,two balls,eight balls,through-balls, large sized balls, tiny balls, big and small paddles, slow balls,fast balls and so on.This is the AbiBall.Fans of Arkanoid, DX-Ball and Ricochet will especially love AbiBall.It is a super breakout game! Play this game, we sincerely hope that our effort can give you a lot of pleasure.

The Fight For Freedom is an awesome interstellar planetary battle, in which you control your own planet! Choose the location of your home planet from 7 planets. Build Weapons of Mass Destruction, and regulate your economy to best suit your war needs!! This incredible interstellar war game is like no other!

He can run, jump and climb as well as glide on thermals... Our friends from Another Day company have released their new brilliant game - The Fatman's Adventures.

Steel Tetris is a fresh implementation of the famous arcade game, Tetris. This game yields an increased difficulty than the original Tetris because you now have enemies - big and nasty guns. Watch your enemies carefully and don't allow them to ruin your plans!

JumBall is a simple but very addictive game. It requires lots of strategy to obtain high scores. In the game you order the balls to jump to your desired locations. When five balls of the same color are arranged in a row the balls will be eliminated. New balls are constantly adding to the board. You have to keep up the clearing work otherwise the board will soon be overcrowd.

At MG Software we've been making kidsafe pc computer games since 1989. Download our non-violent shareware maze games, strategy-logic games, board games, and puzzle games (free downloads). We design kidsafe computer games that are educational, fun, and challenging for the whole family. Our pc games expose children and adults to classical music from the masters - Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Chopin. Find links to educational games and educational info sites. Download our shareware puzzle and strategy games and give them a try before you buy.

Teddy is a little creature from another planet, where the evil monsters stole the magic Light Stone, which gives the life for all on the planet. Traveling through other planets, Teddy tries to return the stolen relic and save his planet.

Looking for some serious arcade action? Pilot the XOP ship through 8 levels of shooting madness, destroying hundreds of enemies and dodging insane amounts of firepower. Can you survive?
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